Volunteers are needed in a number of capacities, including forklift operators and pickup truck drivers, the pantry/food assembly area, and up front with customers each day the food bank is open.  Service hours are the published open times, with an additional two hours preparation time before opening and an hour after closing time for clean-up.  Our most CRITICAL need is for pickup drivers to pick up donations from local stores, including on weekends and days the food banks are closed (the food bank has pick-up trucks available for this purpose).  Warehouse work includes handling boxes and bags up to 50 pounds, and sorting of incoming canned goods donations.  Often volunteers will work one or two or more days each week, or agree to be on call as needed.

The Tri-Cities Food Bank relies on facilities, equipment, and vehicles to provide a reliable service to help people in need. Sometimes these vital resources break down and need attention. We sometimes need volunteers with special skills that we can contact on demand to request help. Are you an electrician, plumber, carpenter, auto mechanic? We could use your help!

Call or stop by one of the food banks for more information or to pick up a volunteer application form, or add your name to our contact list below.  We  share the list with our Site Managers periodically (and ONLY with our Site Managers), and one of them will get back to you as needs arise.

* If you have Community Service hours you need to fulfill, please contact one of our branches directly to get a quicker answer to your need.

** If you wish to contact us about a service or group project, please call or email us directly at [email protected].  This form is for individual volunteers, or service providers wishing to be placed in our “services” directory, and does not get an immediate response.  Thank you!

*** Age limits: unfortunately, due to insurance requirements, we can only accept volunteers between 15 and 18 years of age if a parent/adult guardian can volunteer with them, and we cannot accept volunteers under 15 years of age.



Please fill out the application then email it to: